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Science Ch 5 Earthquakes Tectonics Study Guide
Test Date: Friday, January 27th
Vocabulary Terms:
TensionReverse faultPlateauEpicenterP WavesS WavesMercalli ScaleCreep MeterShearingCompressionSynclineLiquefactionSeismic waves-
Key Skills (Students should be able to):
Label where there is a high risk of earthquakes.
Identify a tsunami.
Locate the epicenter.
Identify a normal fault.
Key Concepts:
When an earthquake occurs, data from one seismograph can tell you exactly how far away
the epicenter is.
Stress adds energy to rocks.
S Waves are the slowest seismic waves.
Seismic waves carry energy.
Earthquakes are most likely to occur at a fault.
Additional Materials to study from:
Textbook pg
Section 1-5 Summary and Reading/Notetaking Guide
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