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Essay Writing – 4/28/15
Learning Targets:
1. To find deeper meaning in lyrics through analysis
1. Warm-Up:
a. What songs are you thinking about analyzing?
2. Music Discussion and Survey (Handout)
3. Lyric Analysis Guidelines and Presentation Rubric (Handout)
4. Presentation Schedule (See Below)
5. Begin narrowing down your song choice.
1. Bring PRINTED lyrics of song you’re analyzing
Music Discussion
1. Why do we listen to music? (radio in car, ipods while we work out,
earphones in class, etc.)  doing work to childhood playlist with Dodge
and Insanity hip-hop mash-up started killing it
2. Why does music make us emotional? (angry  when I hear Madonna
because of the Salon or when I hear that stupid song by Colbie Calliat
called Bubbly which I could’ve written in pre-school)
3. What is your theme song? (transition to YouTube Music essay)
Lyric Analysis Presentation Schedule
Monday, May 4th
1st Hour:
4th Hour:
Tuesday, May 5th
1st Hour:
4th Hour:
Wednesday, May 6th
1st Hour:
4th Hour:
Notes: How to Analyze Song Lyrics
a. Word Choice
b. Structure
c. Repetition
d. Phrasing
e. Voice/Tone
f. Tempo/Beat
g. Genre
h. Meaning/Message
i. “Feel” of it
j. Context
k. In Comparison to Other Songs
l. Target Audience
Figurative Language: simile, metaphor, imagery,
anaphora, juxtaposition, foreshadowing, alliteration, etc.
The “WHAT” is not analysis…it’s telling…it’s evidence.
The analysis comes from asking “WHY?”
Observation (evidence) -------------------> Conclusion (argument/thesis)