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Handy 100V Power Supply
Instruction Manual
Catalog No.
[email protected]
Version 01A
October 20, 2009
Un Packing list
- 1 x MP-100
- 1 x MP-100 Power Supply Instruction Manual
Major Science is liable for all missing or damaged parts / accessories
within 7 days after customer received this instrument package. Please
contact Major Science immediately regarding this issue. If no response
within such time period from consignee party, that will be consignee
party’s whole responsibility.
Packing list
- 1 x MP-100
- 1 x MP-100 Power supply Instruction Manual
Table of Contents
Un packing list
Packing list
Safety Information
Product Specifications
Product Description
Controls and Features
Installation Instructions
Operation Instructions
Troubleshooting Guide
Ordering information
MP-100 power supply has been tested and found to comply with safety limits.
These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful
interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.
This power supply generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy,
and if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may
cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of this power
supply in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case
the user will be required to correct the interference at their expense. Changes
or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for
compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. It is
strongly recommended the user to read carefully the following points before
this equipment is operated.
Read and follow carefully the manual instructions.
Do not alter the power supply. Failure adhered to these directions could
result in personal and/ or laboratory hazards, as well as invalidate
equipment warranty.
Use a properly grounded electrical outlet with correct voltage and current
handing capacity.
Disconnect from power supply before maintenance and servicing. Refer
servicing to qualified personnel.
In the event, solution is accidentally spilled into the unit, disconnect
grounded plug and the user must carry out appropriate decontamination
measurement. For instance, turning instrument upside down to avoid
solution contacting the internal components. Remove cover and replace
damaged parts.
Do not use in the presence of flammable or combustible material; fire or
explosion may result. This device contains components, which may ignite
such materials.
Refer maintenance and servicing to qualified personnel.
Ensure that the system is connected to electrical service according to
local and national electrical codes. Failure to properly connect may create
a fire or shock hazard.
The unit shall be operated Only by qualified personnel.
Safety Information
Use the high level of precautions against any electrical device. Before
connecting with the electrical supply, check the supply voltage is within the
range stated at the rating label, and this device must be earthed. Place the unit
in a safe and dry location and MUST NOT touch things in the surrounding.
Also do follow the safety precautions for chemicals and dangerous materials. If
[email protected]
Environmental Conditions
Ensure the instrument is installed and operated strictly in the following
- ≤95% RH,
- 75 KPa-106 Kpa,
- Altitude not to exceed 2000 meters
- Ambient ~ 40℃ operating temperature.
Avoiding Electrical Shock
Follow the guidelines below to ensure safe operation of the unit.
Handy 100V power supply has been designed to use with shielded wires thus
minimizing any potential shock hazard to the user. Major Science recommends
against the use of unshielded wires.
To avoid electrical shock:
1. In the event of solution accidentally spilled into the instrument, it must be
dried out for a period of time, at least 2 hours, and restored to NORMAL
CONDITION before each operation.
2. NEVER connect or disconnect wire leads from the power jacks when the red
indicator light at the power is on.
3. WAIT at least 5 seconds after stopping a run before handling output leads or
connected apparatus.
4. ALWAYS make sure that hands, work area, and instruments are clean and
dry before making any connections or operating the power supply.
5. ONLY connect the power cord to a properly 3-prong grounded AC outlet,
using the power cord provided with the power supply.
Avoiding Damage to the Instrument
1. Do not attempt to operate the device if it is damaged.
2. Protect this unit from physical damage, corrosive agents and extreme
temperatures (direct sunlight etc).
3. For proper ventilation and safety concerns, keep at least 10 cm of space
behind the instrument, and at least 5 cm of space on each side.
4. Do not operate the power supply in high humidity environments (> 95%), or
where condensation may occur.
5. When the power supply is taken into a cold room environment, the unit can
be operated immediately. However, when the power supply is removed from
cold room environment, let the unit equilibrate to room temperature for a
minimum of 2 hours before using it.
6. Prior to apply any cleaning or decontamination methods other than
manufacture’s recommendation, users should check with the manufacture’s
instruction to confirm if the proposed method will not damage the equipment.
Equipment Operation
Follow the guidelines below to ensure safe operation of the unit:
1. Checked the displayed figure to see if it is in the normal condition for use
before using this unit.
2. NEVER access any HAZARDOUS LIVE parts.
The symbol used on Handy 100V Power Supply is explained below.
Used on the Handy 100V Power Supply to indicate an area where a
potential shock hazard may exist.
Used on the Handy 100V Power Supply to indicate a warning. Consult
the manual to avoid possible personal injury or instrument damage.
Product Specifications
Max. Voltage
Max. Watt
Output Type
Voltage Selection
Terminal Pairs
Safety Device
Operating Temperature
Unit Dimension
Construction Material
Rated Voltages
Constant Voltage
50V and 100V
One Pair
No Load detection,
Shrouded plugs and sockets
Ambient ~ 40 ℃
W60 x L120 x H40 mm
Polycarbonate (PC)
0.3 kg
Product Description
The model MP-100, Handy Power Supply is a cost competitive, compact and
light-weight unit. Easy to operate, either 50 or 100 V is selectable as the output
voltages. These voltages are sufficient for ordinary electrophoresis of DNA and
Front of unit
Controls and Features
1. Output select controller – Select 50 voltage, OFF or 100 voltage.
2. LED Indicate – DC power indicator.
3. START Key – Activate to the unit.
4. STOP Key – Stop to the unit.
5. DC output jacks – To connect electrophoresis apparatus.
Installation Instructions
MP-100 Power Supply is actually an already installed instrument. As long as it
is placed on a sturdy and level surface in a safe, dry place, and further connect
with well-prepared electrophoresis system, it is ready for operation.
Operation Instructions
1. Place Minis Power Supply series on a sturdy and level surface in a safe, dry
place, away from laboratory traffic.
2. Ensure that the output select controller is switched OFF, and then plug the
power cord into an AC outlet of the appropriate voltage (100V to 120V only).
3. Connect the DC output jacks to the electrophoresis apparatus.
4. Selected the desired condition (50 or 100 Voltages ) by output select
5. Push the STAR key and start the electrophoresis. The LED Indicate should
light up.
6. After electrophoresis is complete, push the STOP key to turn DC output
jacks OFF. Disconnect all DC power cords from the power supply, then from
the electrophoresis apparatus.
Note: The MP-100 will be turn off by itself when you disconnect any one DC
power cord from the power supply or electrophoresis apparatus.
Troubleshooting Guide
Many operating problems may be solved by reading and carefully following the
instructions in this manual. Some suggestions for troubleshooting are given
below. Should these suggestions not resolve the problem, contact our
SERVICE DEPARTMENT or your distributor for assistance. If troubleshooting
is required, please include a full description of the problem.
LED do not light up
1. Check the connection of the DC output jacks
electrophoresis apparatus.
(Note : this unit has NO LOAD DETECTION)
2. Check the fuse.
MP-100 Power Supply uses all solid-state components and should require no
maintenance or recalibration under normal use. If the unit must be returned for
repair, contact our SERVICE DEPARTMENT or your local distributor for
shipping instruction.
Ordering Information
Cat. No.
Handy 100V Power Supply
Package of MJ-105-S and MP-100
Package of MJ-105-R and MP-100
Package of MT-108 and MP-100
Major Science warrants apparatus of its manufacture against defects in
materials and workmanship, under normal service, for two years from the
shipping date to purchaser. This warranty excludes damages resulting from
shipping, misuse, carelessness, or neglect. Major Science’s liability under the
warranty is limited to the receipt of reasonable proof by the customer that the
defect is embraced within the terms of the warranty. All claims made under this
warranty must be presented to Major Science within two years following the
date of delivery of the product to the customer.
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