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A. Choose a, b or c.
1. The crime drama we watched yesterday is ___________ on a true story.
a. based
b. related
c. set
2. The tennis player _____________ the ball and scored a point.
a. hit
b. dribbled
c. threw
3. I enjoyed the ____________ of the movie. The music was amazing.
a. blockbuster
b. soundtrack
c. review
4. The thriller had incredible special effects and was ___________ from start to finish.
a. unrealistic
b. hilarious
c. action-packed
5. You need special equipment for skydiving, such as a ____________.
a. board
b. racket
c. parachute
6. Keeping our customers happy is our number one ___________.
a. origin
b. society
c. priority
B. Circle the correct words.
1. Few people missed out / turned out for Stacey’s get-together.
2. Kenny is having some financial conditions / problems because he is unemployed.
3. The actors in the play were wearing goggles / costumes from the 16th century.
4. The last plot / scene of the movie was very disappointing. I’d prefer a different ending.
5. The director / referee made sure that all the players followed the rules.
6. I already called her at her office and on her cell, but I can’t complete / contact her.
C. Complete the sentences with the words/phrases in the box. There are two extra
words/phrases that you do not need to use.
in shape
let me down
be over
enthusiastic hesitate
1. Don’t _hesitate_ to ask any questions about anything you don’t understand.
2. Can you _describe__ what your teacher looks like?
3. What time will the baseball game _be over__?
4. My sister promised to help me, but she didn’t. She _let me down__.
5. I’m going to join the gym so I can get _in shape_.
6. The students are very _enthusiastic__ about the trip. They can’t wait.
D. Choose a, b or c.
1. ____________ an amazing game!
a. What
b. How
c. Such
2. It’s ___________ beautiful day today. Let’s go to the beach.
a. so
b. such a
c. such
3. The movie was ____________ entertaining that I’m definitely going to watch it again.
a. so
b. such
c. how
4. Tina came in ___________ quietly that I didn’t hear her.
a. such a
b. so
c. such
5. You _____________ park here. It’s illegal.
a. don’t have to
b. don’t need to
c. mustn’t
6. You _____________ bring your own skates to the rink. You can rent a pair.
a. can’t
b. don’t need to
c. mustn’t
7. Diane __________ help her mom with the housework yesterday.
a. must
b. has to
c. had to
8. ___________ cold it is outside today!
a. How
b. What
c. So
E. Circle the correct words.
1. The role of the doctor was played / played by Matt Hansen.
2. Reggie Muller is the player who scores / is scored the most points on the team.
3. Was / Is the event held yesterday morning?
4. We didn’t / weren’t invited to the get-together.
5. All these books wrote / were written by the same person.
6. The football players cheered / were cheered on by the crowd.
7. The gym provides / is provided all the equipment that you will need.
8. Russell didn’t send / wasn’t sent us the e-mail.
F. Rewrite the sentences using the word given.
1. All players must wear knee pads.
All players _have to wear knee pads____.
2. It was such a boring lecture that I almost fell asleep.
The lecture _was so boring that I almost fell asleep__.
3. Young people use social networking sites.
Social networking sites __are used by young people__.
4. Leslie didn’t inform us about the meeting in time.
We _weren’t informed about the meeting in time (by Leslie)____.
5. It isn’t necessary for you to buy a ticket.
You _don’t have to buy a ticket__.
A. Choose a, b or c.
1. Hank’s a student, but he also has a part-time ___________ as a waiter.
a. job
b. career
c. work
2. You should take some ___________ and come visit me in Toronto.
a. break
b. overtime
c. time off
3. Susan ____________ her job last week because she wasn’t satisfied with her salary.
a. got fired
b. quit
c. retired
4. I don’t have much chance of getting the job. There are over 500 ____________ for the position.
a. colleagues
b. applicants
c. employees
5. How does Bob __________ a living?
a. earn
b. obtain
c. take
6. If you are good at your job, you’ll get a _________ soon.
a. salary
b. pay
c. raise
B. Circle the correct words.
1. What kind of qualifications / prospects are necessary for this job position?
2. Jason is literate / fluent in three languages; English, Spanish and French.
3. Wayne is one of our most hard-working / intensive employees.
4. Which facility / firm does your brother work for?
5. Todd is looking for a job with flexible / current working hours.
6. I’m thinking about applying / enrolling in a creative writing course at college.
C. Complete the sentences with the words/phrases in the box. There are two extra
words/phrases that you do not need to use.
get used to lifeguards
get a loan
1. We don’t have enough money to buy a house right now. We have to _get a loan_.
2. Jack decided to learn a(n) _trade_ and became a plumber.
3. There were many _obstacles__ when I first moved to New York, but things got easier.
4. It won’t be long before you _get used to __ your new job.
5. We were very _proud__ of our son when he got his degree in Medicine.
6. There were three _lifeguards__ at the beach and they all tried to save the little girl.
7. I’m sorry, but only members of _staff_ are allowed in that room.
D. Choose a, b or c.
1. A: I didn’t go to Jake’s house last weekend.
B: __________________.
a. Me too.
b. Me neither.
2. A: Jenny is a lawyer.
B: __________________.
a. So am I.
b. I am.
3. A: I like playing basketball.
B: __________________.
a. I don’t either.
b. So do I.
4. A: I’m not leaving yet.
B: __________________.
a. I’m not either.
b. Me too.
5. A: I’m going to have dinner now.
B: __________________.
a. Neither am I.
b. I’m not.
6. A: I won’t go to work tomorrow.
B: __________________.
a. I don’t either.
b. So will I.
c. I did too.
c. Neither am I.
c. Neither do I.
c. I don’t either.
c. Me neither.
c. Neither will I.
E. Complete with reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, etc.).
1. Larry taught _himself_ computer programming by using an online method.
2. We all introduced _ourselves_ to the tour guide.
3. Jessica went to the kitchen and made _herself_ breakfast.
4. Children, you should behave _yourselves_ this afternoon at Aunt Nellie’s house.
5. The two girls introduced _themselves_ to the rest of the class.
6. Tina, make sure you enjoy _yourself__ when you go on vacation.
7. I saw a stain on my shirt when I looked at _myself_ in the mirror.
Read each paragraph. Ask yourself, “What is the topic? What is the
writer’s idea about the topic?” Choose the best main-idea statement by
circling the letter in front of it.
black, or even purple.
1. When people think of mushrooms, they
usually think of one kind. This is the kind you
see in pictures and read about in stories. It
has a white bottom and a red top. However,
mushrooms can be found in many different
sizes, shapes, and colors. Some mushrooms
are very small. They are so small you cannot
even see them with just your eye. Other
mushrooms are very, very large. For example,
one mushroom that grows underground can
be the size of a football field. There are
mushrooms that look like big balls and
mushrooms that look like sticks. Some are
white, others are yellow, orange, brown,
a. There are mushrooms in many countries around the world.
b. The mushrooms in stories are white and red.
c. There are many different sizes, shapes, and colors of mushrooms.
2. Mushrooms look like plants, but they are not plants. Plants make their own food from water
and sunlight. Mushrooms cannot make their own food. They need to get their food from
somewhere else. Mushrooms usually find their food in plants, especially dead plants. In fact, you
usually find mushrooms on dead leaves or wood. In one way, however, mushrooms are like plants.
They have a kind of seed. This seed, called a spore, falls from the mushroom. It may be blown far
away by the wind, or it may fail straight down. When it lands on the ground, another mushroom
grows there.
a. Mushrooms are both different from and similar to plants.
b. Mushrooms grow on dead leaves or wood.
c. Mushrooms are like plants because they have seeds called spores.
3. Many people go looking for mushrooms in the forest. Some of these people want to find
mushrooms to eat. All around the world, people love to cook and eat wild mushrooms. You have to
be very careful about wild mushrooms, however. Many kinds of mushrooms are not good to eat.
They may even make you sick. People also look for mushrooms for other reasons. Scientists want
to find mushrooms so they can study them and understand them better. Some people are just
interested in seeing mushrooms where they grow. Some even like to photograph them.
a. You can find many different kinds of mushrooms.
b. Some people like to cook and eat wild mushrooms.
c. People look for mushrooms for several reasons.
Magic mushrooms (L)
Magic mushrooms (L)
evolution 2 - Hicksville Public Schools
evolution 2 - Hicksville Public Schools