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listings of the NSA Cryptologic Documents transferred to the
National Archives and deposited with Record Group 457 in the
Military Reference Branch, and trusted that the arrival of
this new material would also be reported to the membership.
[Newsletter Editor's Note: While drafting this (in the
third week of May) I telephoned the archivist specializing in
these holdings at the Military Reference Branch of the Nation­
al Archives, Mr. John Taylor (202: 523-3340). He said some
of the new NSA material has come in, but he understands a
good deal more of it is due to arrive soon. By the end of
the summer, he hopes to receive a new cumulative inventory of
cryptologic accessions from NSA, suitable for reproduction in
the fall issue of the ACHSWW newsletter.]
Mr. Robert Wolfe, an ACHSWW Director and Assistant Di­
rector of the Military Archives Division, introduced his col­
league at the National Archives, Dr. Lawrence H. McDonald of
the Military Projects Branch, who spoke of his work on the
OSS Records Project, on which he is working with a group of
nine volunteers. (The substance of his presentation, together
with a listing of the OSS records and selections from the
finding aids being developed in connection with the project,
is included in this newsletter.)
At the conclusion of Dr. McDonald's very well received
presentation and the questions, answers, and discussion that
followed it, the committee unanimously resolved that the com­
mittee, through its chairman, should write to the Archivist
of the United states, Dr. Don W. Wilson, expressing apprecia­
tion for and interest in the OSS Records Project, and should
urge him to have a preliminary inventory of OSS Records pre­
pared and published by the National Archives. (For the cor­
respondence between Prof. Funk and Dr. Wilson, see below.)
Prof. Funk spoke on the Second Soviet-American Symposi­
um on U.S.-Soviet Relations and the History of World War II,
in which he had participated at the Roosevelt Library at Hyde
Park, N.Y., in October 1987.
(See also the report of the
chairman of U.S. group, Prof. Warren Kimball of Rutgers
University at Newark, which is summarized below.)
The meeting was adjourned shortly before 7:00 p.m.
The Joint Session: Europe under the German Occupation
The AHA-ACHSWW joint session was held on Wednesday, 30
December 1987, 1 :00-3:00 p.m., under the chairmanship of Prof.
Donald S. Detwiler, Southern Illinois University, in Atrium 4
of the Sheraton Washington, in honor of the late founding
president of the international committee, Henri Michel, on
"Europe under the German Occupation." Papers were given by
Prof. Margaret L. Rossiter of Eastern Michigan University,
author of Women in the Resistance (New York: Praeger, 1986),
on "The Role of Women in the French Resistance," and by Prof.
John F. Sweets of the University of Kansas, author of Choices
in Vichy France (New York: Oxford University Press, 1986), on