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File No.
462) Withdrawal Notice.
464) LONDON-SO-RES-3 - Plans for target intelligence file
SO archives, 52 pp., 5 July 194~ - 4 Aug. 1945.
463) SO Branch Files, 1943, R & A - Lists of Italian and
German materials captured in North Africa, German
occupation of Norway based on censor materials, in­
formation on Hungarian oil, Italian electric power,
bombing objectives in Yugoslavia, 109 pp., 27 Jan. 1943­
24 A~r. 1943.
465) Organization of Sabotage System - Photocopy of study
setting out sequence of steps in organizing sabotage
system, 28 pp., 19 Apr. 1941.
466) L & C Areas, SZ-012-B04 - Handbook 01' German Military
Administration of L. C. areas, security protection
of convoys and:dumps, Germany sentry system~ plan of
Etampes, France, pictures of German soldiers, 38 pp ••
Dec. 1943.
467) Guerilla Warfare in Russia and Poland, SC-012-804,
R 986 - Describes composition and activities of
Russian and Polish partisan groups, German military
and police administration in Russia, application of
East European experiences to Western Europe, pictures
of uniforms and identification badges, ~, pp.,
Jan. 1943 and supplement Jan. 1944.
468) street Fighting, Folder 1, SZ-012-804 - Describes
principles used by Germans and Russians in assault
and defense of towns, eyewitness aocounts of Stalin­
grad street lighting, pictures of campaign in west
in 1940, Russian campaign in 1941, 1942, 66 pp., n.d.
469) 4 Enclosures "Enemy Weapons", Folder 2, SZ-012-804 ­
"German Infantry Weapons 1941", 29 pp., "Italian and
German Infantry Weapons 1942", 71 p,P., "German Light
Anti-Airoraft and Anti-Tank Guns 1942", 87 pp.,
"German Intantry, Heavy AA and Divisional Artillery
1943", 114 pp.
470) Sabotage Handbook - Vol. 7, pts. I and IV "Military
Targets, Part I, civilian and military road signs;
Part IV, airfields and their defense; Appendix A,
aircraft; Seotion II, RDF stations, 72 pp., 1942.
471) The German Armoured Division, SZ-012-804 - Desoribes
organization and identifioation of unite and their
headquarters, piotures of weapons and vehicles, 118 pp. ,
Aug. 1943.