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The chairman of the committee, the secretary, and the eight
directors listed in the lower left-hand margin of the first
page of this newsletter were elected to three-year terms from
January 1988 through December 1990.
The annual meeting of the ACHSWW was held in 1987 in conjunc­
tion with that of the American Historical Association at the
Sheraton Washington Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road, N.W., Washing­
ton, D.C. 20008, 28-30 December 1987.
The Business Meeting
The 1987 business meeting was convened shortly after 5:00
p.m., Monday, 28 December 1987, in the Wisconsin Room of the
Sheraton Washington Hotel, by the committee chairman, Prof.
Arthur L. Funk of the University of Florida. The secretary
and newsletter editor, Prof. Donald S. Detwiler, Southern
Illinois University at Carbondale, gave the treasurer's re­
port, which was unanimously accepted, as was his recommenda­
tion that student dues of two dollars annually be limited to
six years.
An announcement was made regarding the joint session of
the ACHSWW with the AHA, scheduled for Wednesday, 30 Decem­
er: Director A. Harry Paape of the Netherlands State Insti­
tute for War Documentation, who was to have given a paper on
Anne Frank and her diary, would unfortunately not be able to
participate. His place on the panel would be taken by Prof.
Chancellor Alfred F. Hurley of the University of North
Texas reported on plans for the 1988 joint session to be held
at the annual meeting during the last week of December in
Cincinnati. Plans were being developed for a session on air
power in the Second World War in the Far East, with a paper
by the author of a recent study on Chennault and with a con­
tribution, if possible, by Prof. Alvin D. Coox of San Diego
State University, on the Japanese perspective.
(As noted
elsewhere in this newsletter, the AHA Program Committee has
meanwhile approved the proposed joint session.)
The committee chairman mentioned that the annual meeting
in December 1989 is to be held in San Francisco, and there
was a preliminary discussion of possible approaches in plan­
ning a session appropriate for the fiftieth anniversary of
the beginning of the war in Europe.
Turning to the activities of the International Committee
on the History of the Second World War, Prof. Arthur Funk (a
vice president of that body), reported on the resignation of