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Geodetic Survey and Family Chronicle of the Antaeus
Moorish/Muurish/Maurish Empire and it’s Bloodright Heirs
(Excerpt from the Book of Blood and Deeds for Moorish-Americans and The Holy
Realm – Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium by Princepe Uriel-Bey)
Geodetic: of or determined by Geodesy
Geodesy: the branch of applied mathematics concerned with measuring, or determining
the shape of, the earth or a large part of it’s surface, or with locating exactly points on
it’s surface.
Antaeus: [Greek Myth] a Giant Wrestler who was invincible as long as he was touching
his Mother, the “earth”.
In concordance and accordance with chapters 45 ‘The Divine Origin of the Asiatic
Nations’ and 47 ‘Egypt, the Capital Empire of the Dominion of Africa’ of the Circle 7
Holy Koran (prepared by Noble Drew Ali), Beginning with the Moabites, founders of the
Holy City of Mecca, Hamathites, Canaanites, Hittites and Amorites, all having descended
from Noah and his Sons, Shem and ham. Though obviously related, the Moabites (whom
Moab son of Lot, grandson of Haran, the brother of Abraham, is father), are the Progeny
{20th Generation} of Adam, and the Canaanites, that of Ham and his son, Cush; rising or
cradling out of that magnificent Chersonese Crescent or Peninsula formed by the Red
Sea, the Euphrates, the Gulf of Persia, and the Indian Ocean commonly known as Arabia,
sheltering both Moab and Cana or Canaan.
It has been so propagated by Euro-Christian Academicians and Euro-Centric
Theologians (Albion “White” Scholars) that these Ancient and Primitive Tribes are
said to have been either swept from the earth in punishment of their iniquities, or
obliterated in subsequent modifications of these Nations. These Historically-Perverted
and Academically-Distorted Professorial Theories (European Lies) have only served in
the favor of Unnatural Pale-Face “White” Albions nowcurrently having the nerve and
audacity to actually refer to themselves as an AMERICAN (Aboriginal Autochthon) or
ISRAELI (Ancient Hebrew/So-called “Jew”).
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As Moors/Muurs/Maurs are no doubt aware of the cross-caste marriage between that of
Ruth and Boaz, a direct descendant of Abraham, very little, or in many instances, sketchy
Genealogical Information is ever revealed about Abraham and Hagar’s Offspring,
Ishmael; after having been exiled from their home by the Patriarch Abraham, and his
Hebrew Blood; later being grafted onto the Illustrious Moabite Stock, by marriage to the
daughter of Modad, reigning prince of the line of Jurham, son of Kahtan or Joctan, who
founded the Kingdom of Hedjaz. Kahtan, his father was a descendant of the fourth
generation of Shem. This Dendrite Process of the neurons create a much sharper image in
better comprehending the Family Cell Body of the Asiatic Nations. Among these
Shemetic Tribes also, were the Adites (whom Ad, father of King Sheddad of the famed
mystical Palace, great-grandson of Noah is father) and Thaumadites.
The two (2) first-born of Ishmael were Nebiaoth and Kedar, most noted among the grat
princes of that time for their wealth in flocks and herds, and fine wool of their sheep. The
Asiatic Tribes from the land of Moab, today known as Yemen founded by Yarab, con of
Joctan, Continentally-Renowned for it’s spices, perfumes, and Frankincense; the Sheba
of the Sacred Scriptures, were among the most active mercantile navigators of the eastern
seas. Their ships brought to the shores the myrrh and balsams on the opposite coast of
Berbera, with the gold, the spices and other rich commodities of India and Tropical
Axum (Amexem). These, with the products of their own country were transported by the
caravans across the deserts to the Vassal Moabite States of Ammon, Edom, or Idumea,
and to the Phoenician Ports of Tyre and Sidon off the Mediterranean Sea, and thence
distributed to the Western World. From the Great Levantine Ports of Tyre and Sidon the
Semi-Moabite State of Phoenicia and it’s Canaanite and Moabite Tribes through their
Hamathite Kinship, eventually sailed or traversed beyond the later Greek Colonial
Network on the Aegean and Adratic Seas, to found the North-West Cities of Carthage,
Utica and onto the Cadiz and New Cathage (Nova Carthago in Latin) otherwise known as
The Carthaginian Dominion extended as far west as the city seaport Carthage
(Carthagena) South America. North-East of the Isthmus of Panama 15 degrees North
latitude; 78 degrees West Longitude, many centuries later becoming the Headquarters
of the Papacy’s infamous Roman Inquisition on and of the Mauritia tribes of South
America. On earlier ancient maps, South America was written and displayed as
It was during these various expeditions that the Moabites formed Inter-Tribal Relations
with the Hamathite and Cushite Descendants of Egypt, receiving permission or accorded
by License, that is, a (Land Grant) by the Pharoahs, to settle and inhabit North-West
Africa; of whom were the founders and true possessors of the present or ordained
Moorish/Muursih/Maurish Empire, of which their dominion authority and inhabitation
protracted from between 3 degrees North-East og Present-Day Mogadishu and 22 degrees
North latitude at Yemen (Moab), 5 degrees West of Sabaea, 12 degees East of the
Kingdom of Axum to 42 degrees East longitude = 2,982 Miles Long. Lat., and SouthWest Africa 12 degrees East Longitude, South-West of Moab at Luanda (Angola) just
below the Congo, across the Great Atlantis, even unto the Present North, Farthest West,
Top of North America 72 degrees North Latitude = 4,940 miles; 150 degrees West
Longitude = 21 Miles, above the equator from Moab = 3,160 Miles – and Central or
Meso (Middle) America including Mexico and the Atlantis Islands at 19 degrees North
Latitude = 1,330 Miles; 122 degrees West Longitude – 74 Miles Near to the equator from
Moab = 9,028 Miles – South America at 52 degrees South Latitude = 3,640 Miles; 78
degrees South West Longitude = 41 Miles below the Equator from Moab, for a
Geographical Span of over 15,376 miles, equivalent to 236,421,376 Square Miles. This
particular Land Description cover more than Three Quarters (3/4th) on the Natural Earth.
This is not including the First (1st) Moorish/Muurish/Maurish Empires of India (the
Mahajanapades) or Great Realms, which became the Kingdom of Magadhan, under the
rulership of Chandragupta Maurya, consisting of the large parts of central India, North of
the Narmada River, and later including a large part of Afghanistan. The Moorish or
Mauryan Empire was farther extended by Chandragupta’s son Bindusara, and reached it’s
Zenith under his grandson. The Emperor Asoka, who with the conquest of Kalinga off the
Bay of Bengal established rule over the bulk of the Sub-Continent.
Asoka’s India was by this time a land of settled village agriculture, with an elaborate
administrative and tax-collecting system, described in one of the world’s earliest manuels
of ‘statecraft’, known as the ‘Arthapastra,’ attributed to Kautilya, Chandragupta’s Chief
Minister. Trade flourished, and a special group of officials were responsible for the
building and maintenance of roads, including the Royal Highway (known to modern
India as the Grand Trunk Road), from Pataliputra to the North-West.
The Moabite Peoples (Moors/Muurs/Maurs) and their Canaanite, Hamathite, Hittite,
Amorite, Adite, and Thaumadite Brethren have inhabited all of these lands since long
before the Great Continental Drift, separating Eastern Asia from Alaska.