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Story Notes
A Symphony Of Whales
1. How did Glashka know her rescue
plan was working?
The whales started following the
Russian Icebreaker.
2. How were the people on the
Russian Icebreaker and Glashka’s
people alike?
They wanted to free the whales.
3. How would you describe Glashka’s
people based on what they did for
the whales?
They work together to help those in
4. Glashka’s special gift was that she
could hear the song of Narna.
5. The author probably told about
Glashka’s dreams to hint that
something would happen later.
6. Glashka’s family had to go to the
next village because of a blizzard.
7. Glashka’s family has a great respect
for animals.
8. The icebreaker could not cut a
channel because the ship had to go
a long distance.
9. The whales got trapped because the
water was frozen.
10. Glashka was able to hear Narna’s
song which helped save the whales.