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Scheme of Work
Level / Course
Music Year 9
CAG 5:April 2016 – May 2016
Key questions/objectives
Main learning activities
Learning outcomes/skills
Students learn about the different styles
of songs from different times, places and
Students will explore a variety of composing, performing,
listening and appraising activities which will develop their
musicianship skills. They will learn how to effectively
evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and suggest
areas for improvement and development. Peer
assessment is also strongly encouraged.
*Compare and contrast musical
changes that occur in two or
more arrangements of the same
*Investigate remixes and
compare effects to the original.
*Perform a song, as part of a
group in its original style with
one or two arrangements.
*Recognise and understand the
structure of Popular song.
*Take a more active role in a
group arrangement performing
chords or percussion rhythms as
textural layers.
*Understand the a hook may be
lyrical, rhythmic,melodic or a
*Evaluate own and other’s work.
They explore how songs have been
performed in different arrangements by
different groups and artists and the
effects of these changes.
They revise the importance of structure
in popular songs and compare strophic
and through composed examples.
Learn about hooks and riffs and their use
in popular songs.
Create own popular song that uses
structure, instrumentation, lyrics, chords,
melody and other features learned about.
Scheme of Work