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Climate Change and the Protection of
Fisheries Resources in the North-East Atlantic:
Role of the European Union
HE Qin
Department of International Public Law
Faculty of Law, Ghent University
Email: [email protected]
HE Qin- 16/09/2010 Ghent Colloquium - Faculty of Law - Department of International Public Law
Main Problems of Marine Fisheries Resources
• Overfishing is one of the most
important reasons of the
• Global warming changes the
species, and aggravates the
fisheries problem
EU fisheries in North East Atlantic area
3rd largest fishing
Nearly 3 quarters of
the EU’s total
The total catches
has fallen by one
Total EU catches in major fishing areas (2007)
(Volume in tonnes live weight and percentage of total)
North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission
Source: NEAFC
• The 1980 Convention on Future
Multilateral Cooperation in North-East
Atlantic Fisheries
• Objective: conservation and optimum
• Parties of the NEAFC convention:
Denmark (The Faroe Islands and
Greenland); European Union; Iceland;
Norway; Russia
• Annual meeting to negotiate catch
limits and quotas for certain pelagic
• Conservation and management
EU Common Fisheries Policy
• Sustainable exploitation of living aquatic
• The framework of the EC’s management system
(Basic Regulation)
• Fishing opportunities and technical measures
(Principal annual fishing opportunity regulation)
• Main conservation measures
EU Fisheries Conservation in the NEAFC
Convention Area
Total Allowable Catches (TAC) and quotas
• TACs and overfishing
International Council for the exploration of the Seas (ICES)
European Commission
Council of Ministers
• Climate change brings re-allocation problems
mackerel in the North Sea
• New allocation mechanisms
Source: Wikipedia
EU Fisheries Conservation in the NEAFC
Convention Area
Effort management
• Fishing effort management regime
for Western waters
(Fishing effort regulation; Maximum
annual fishing effort regulation)
criteria and procedures
maximum annual fishing effort
three fisheries categories, excluding
pelagic species
EU Fisheries Conservation in the NEAFC
Convention Area
Technical measures (The primary
vehicle for technical measures
Regulation , Drift net Regulation,
Technical conservation measures
Regulation, Annual fishing opportunity
Gear type
Minimum landing size
closed seasons, and closed areas
Climate change affects the effectiveness of
technical measures
The ‘Plaice Box’ :trawling and temprature
Waterwereld 2002-2009
• Reducing fishing pressure
• Climate change should be taken into account in
the future reformed Common Fisheries Policy
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