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(A new story for the Earth), a documentary film based on the works of
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( ) ( XUUU - Life Science Journal
$^{13} $ CO/C $^{18} $ O Gradients Across the Disks of Nearby
#1 - Electromagnetic Spectrum Intro
"Time`s Arrow" (Dec 26–Jan 6
"Star Tracks", Leaflet for Royal Society Summer Exhibition
"Seeing" Dark Matter
"Measuring positron-atom binding energies through laser-assisted photo-recombination" New J. Phys. , 14 , 065004 (2012). C. M. Surko, J. R. Danielson, G. F. Gribakin, and R. E. Continetti (PDF)
"How To Suceed as a Student" presentation
"Experimental study of charge diffusion in the undepleted silicon of X-ray CCDs"