HIS 32 (2016) – 7 – Coinage
Gaius Octavius Thurinus (Caesar Augustus)
Gaius cassius longinus in julius caesar
Gaius cassius longinus (before 85 bc october 42 bc)
From 500 BC to 1 AD, northern Africa was one of the
Civilizations in Mesopotamia
Chapter 5, Section 2
Caius Julius Caesar Octavianus
Caesar Fill-in-the-Blank Content (Word Document
Byzantines to Barbarians
Augustus basic intro
Augustus 07 Lecture XXII
Athens Student notes
Ancient Rome NOTES
Ancient Greece
53 BC, the death of Marcus Crassus has put the first triumvirate in
- Poetry Class
Whitney`s Tiberius Powerpoint
Vergil, the Aeneid, and Augustus
Theme: Citizens 2050. Travelling through time. Vocabulary work