Effects of Scaling of Earthquake Excitations on the Dynamic
Creek Structure Setback Requirements for Natural (unimproved)
Activity 1.1.1 History of Civil Engineering and
A Two Dimensional Numerical Model For Simulation of The
Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures Notes (RRS)
IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IOSR-JMCE)
excavations in Hong Kong
EFVM® Membrane on Lightweight Structures (Plywood roof/balcony)
Welding Grade 91 with dissimilar metals
VC3000 Voltage Converters
Structural engineering
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Mechanics for Engineers
Functional Performance Testing within the Building Envelope
Engineering the World`s Tallest – Burj Dubai
Church building and the economy during Europe`s `Age of the
Bamboo as reinforcement in structural concrete elements
Assistant Professor Position in Civil and Environmental Engineering Princeton University
Assesment of the Coliform Contamination in Sampaloc, Mojicap and
Alternate Path Progressive Collapse Analysis of Steel Stud Bearing